About Me

I began working in the film industry in 1979. Having graduated from the Royal College of Art Film School in 1983 I started directing, editing and shooting a variety of projects including films, documentaries, music videos and commercials and corporate work.

In addition to my directing skills I have also been a off and on line Avid editor for the last 20 years and have worked as an Avid trainer in Sarajevo, as a Film Reviewer,  and I also shoot HD and have my own kit. Currently based at the Popular Society in Berwick Street where I edit on Avid and FCP.

Most recently I have been teaching Avid at Bournemouth Film School, directing music videos for Kee Marcello and producing corporate content for the Trader Media Group. Currently working with Lutz Becker on a multi-media 3 screen presentation of Alexander Dovchenkos work for a gallery in Kiev and shooting for Hooligan a feature length documentary directed by Donal MacIntyre and Gerry Easter.

EDITing and camera work


The Kaiser Chiefs live at Eden Project (Editor)

The Raconteurs live at Eden Project (Editor/On-line Editor)

The Verve live at Eden Project (Editor)

Stereophonics Live in Glasgow (Editor)

MC5 live at the 100 Club (Editor/Camera/Co-Producer)

Alabama 3 live at the Astoria (Editor)

Muse live at Eden Project (Editor)

Goldfrapp live at the Eden Project (Editor)

Buzzcocks live at The Town and Country Club (Editor)

The Cinematic Orchestra Llive at the Barbican (Editor/Producer)

Razorlight live at the 229 Club (Editor)

The Frattellis live at the Astoria (Editor)

Kate Nash live at Barfly (Editor)

Ash live at the Waterrats (Editor)

CSS live at (Editor)

The Klaxons live at the Scala (Editor)

Maximo Park live at Brixton Academy (Editor)

The Kooks live  (Editor)

The Rumble Strips live at the Astoria (Editor)

Joe Lean and the Jing Jang Jong live at the 229 Club (Editor)

The Maccabees live at Brixton Academy (Editor)

Acid Temples Mother (Camera)

Turbo Wolf (Camera)

Roadside Poppies (Camera)

Ipso Facto (Camera)

Shit and Shine (Camera)

Popnoname (Camera)


 Liam Gallagher for News of the World (camera)

Kee Marcello Midem Doc (Editor/Director)

Pixie Lott Performance (Camera)

The Arctics and the Sheffield Music Scene (Editor)

Getting Away With It (On-line Editor)

Cinematic Orchestra x 2 (Editor)

4DJ Timo Maas (Camera, Co-producer, Editor)

4DJ Dave Seaman (Editor)

Big Chill 2004 (Editor)

Big Chill 2005 (Editor)

DJ Pirate Soundclash (Editor)

MC5 Sonic Revolution (Camera, Co-producer, Editor)

John Digweed US TV Ad (Director, Editor)

Global Underground Paris (Editor)

Global Underground Mexico (Editor)

Global Underground Dubai (Editor)

Global Underground Taiwan (Editor)

Global Underground Rio (Editor)

Global Underground Brazil (Editor)


Kee Marcello, Dotstar, Young Don, Placebo, Iggy Pop, Gwen Stefani, Westlife, Fightstar, Will Young, Bryan Ferry, Dave Stewart& Barbara Gaskin, Peter Andre, Boy George Chris Rea, D-Mob and L'il Louis, Rio, Gareth Emery, Dotstar The King of Trolls and hundreds of others.


“Clontarf” 2 x 1 hour for Abu Media (Online and Symphony Grade)

“Vita Futurista” – Arts Council of England (Editor)

“Blue Moon” Feature Documentary for My Therapy(Editor and digital media consultant)

“Farmers” 4 x 30 min Abu Media Ireland (Online and Symphony Grade)

“Steven Fry and Bill Wyman” Interview for Backdoor Productions (Camera)

“Pig Business 1 x 50 minutes for C4 (On-line Editor Symphony Grade)

“Gambling on Laos” for Television for the Environment (FCP On-line Editor)

“Luxury Unveiled Vertu” – Television Documentary for ETV.

“James Hewitt under Hypnosis” – Television Documentary for Making Time/C5. (Offline, online and Symphony Grade)

“Nuremberg in History” – Documentary for the Wiener Library for the Inner Temple.

“Icebreaker” - 55 min documentary. Producer: Henning Davies. Videotel.

"Twenty Tales from the Radiation Age" 1 x 120 minute, prime time documentary inspired by the 100th anniversary of the discovery of the most dangerous substance known to man.
Director Paul Yule for Berwick Universal Pictures for BBC2

"George Blake Story" 1 x 55 minute documentary on the most famous British spy who escaped from prison in England to Stardom in the USSR.
Arcadia Productions for ZDF Television

"The Profumo Affair" 1 x 55 minute documentary about the most famous sex scandal ever seen through the eyes of KGB agents, as well Christine Keeler et al.
ZDF Television

"Getting Away With It" 1 x 50 minute programme looking at life with the boys from Global underground dance Record label.
Volatile Media for Channel 4

"All About Prince" 1 x 25 minute documentary about the artist MTV

"Moving Image Madness" 1 x 50 minutes the history of the moving image from Brothers Lumiere to the future and beyond.

“Supereight” 1 x 55 minutes. From JFK’s assassination, to the world of art through the lens of a super eight camera.
Eleventh Hour for Channel 4

“Der Schweigen Hinten den Worten” The story of the Austrian anti war poet Hitler had killed.
Directed by Lutz Becker for ARTE


“Friday Download” Salt Beef for CBBC (Editor)

“Diana in her own words” Documentary about Princess Diana for BBC Worldwide

“Simon Drake the Secret Cabaret” (Editor)

“Romeo and Juliette” – (Camera/Editor) for Shimmer Productions

“The FBI Files x 26 for Channel 5 (Editor)

“Kubricks Boxes” for BBC2 (On-line Editor)

“Dog Endz” TV Movie for Shimmer Productions (Editor)

“The Red Box” short film (Editor)

“Colin Brumby” short film (Editor)

“Midnight Hotel Lighting” short film (Director/Camera/Editor)

“Dance for your Daddy” Short Film for Donal Macintyre (Editor)

“Horizon – Einstein’s Theory” – Symphony Online. BBC.

“Pirate DJ Soundclash” – Offline/ Online. Kiss FM. Faction Films for Channel 4.

“The Big Chill 04 and 05” - Offline/ Online. Faction Films for Channel 4.

"MTV Turned On Europe" 12 x 5 minutes MTV

"Fortean T.V." 8 x 30 minutes, more crazy tales of the unexplained.
Rapido Television for Channel 4

“Booker Prize 2004” – Online. BBC.


“Pepsi featuring Amr Diab” x 3 – BBDO Middle East

“Triumph Motorcycles” – Cogent Elliot (On-line and Grade)

“Addiction” x 6 Television Commercials for PDM West Productions (Editor/Producer)

“Jaguar XKR” – Cogent Elliot (On-line and Grade)

“English Cricket Board” – Ingenuity IPC

“Caterpillar Show Films” – Abax Switzerland (Editor)

“Dorchester Values” and “7 hotel Promo” Skarda Productions (Director/Editor)

“Honeywell” – Instant Teamwork (Camera/Edit)

“Hong Kong Sevens” for Peter Kline Associates Hong Kong (Edit)

“Standard Chartered” Marathon Film for Peter Kline Associates Hong Kong (Edit)

“Credit Suise” for Turner Network Television (Editor)

“Bridgestone” for Turner Network Television (Editor)

“Aeroflot” for Turner Network Television (Editor)

“Petro Canada” (Director/Editor)

“British Airways” On-line Clips (Editor)

“Aids Day” Commercials for Whitecat

“Eaton” Switzerland Show films

“Vintage TV” Music Promos x 6 (Edit)

“AstraZeneca” Interviews, PTC’s and conference (Director/Editor)

EcoBank Commercials x 2 for Matavichy (Editor)

“Sway Commercial” for The Box (Editor)

“Addiction TVC” – Television Commercials for PDM West Productions.

“Michael Ball 2006 TVC” – Television Commercials for QD Productions.

“Elaine Paige 2006 TVC” – Television Commercials for QD Productions.

“Girls of FHM” - 4 x 2 min promos for The Box. Director: James Cronin.

“Oxi Clean “Bull”” - 20 sec Broadcast TV Commercial. Client: Orange Glo UK

Summer Collection x 6 - Come Des Garcons

Absolut Vodka - Competition

GMTV Pre Launch Commercials x 8 - GMTV

Paul McCartney - Flowers in the Dirt - EMI

Coughing Fish – MTV Eco Sting

Reporting Scotland – BBC

NWF Wrestling Tour - Go Productions

Autumn Look - UK Gold

Pre Launch Commercials – GMTV

Skittles – DMBB

Wrigley’s Orbit - Commercials Unlimited

Radio 4 – BBC

Numerous Film Trailers - Creative Partnership

Tracer – Philips

Sports promos – BskyB

“Turner Prize – Video Inserts” - Symphony Online. Channel 4.


REEBOK for M and C Saatchi (Editor)

Maurice Saatchi Interview for M and C Saatchi (Camera)

Sweden Calling Trailer for ENTU

The Motor Trader Group Internal Comms all productions for the last 18 months (Editor/Director/Camera)

Lloyds Banking Group Internal Comms (Editor/Director/Camera)

NFU Show films x 2 for Skarda Productions (Editor/On-line)

The Box “Music Reel” for the Box Channel (Editor)

MG Cars Brand Values Film for Cogent Elliot (Editor/Camera)

“AGA” for Cogent Elliot (Editor/Producer)

“Hachette” Conference films (Editor)

Firmenich Show Films (Editor/Producer)

Nesspresso Show Films (Editor/Producer)

Boehringer Ingleheim Show films for Catherine Turner (Editor)

CSLA Conference films Hong Kong

Mubadala Show film for Catherine Turner (Editor)

Boutique Boulevard Hong Kong (Editor)

NGB IPO and Launch film x 3 (Producer/Director/Editor)

Renault F1 Sponsors Film (Editor)

Ford + Connect Las Vegas for Imagination

British Dance Club Awards BBC2

Mercury One 2 One Midlands Launch

AT&T New York Expo Imagination

Volvo Business T.V (for Spectrum Communications)

Vauxhall Lotus Notes Training for Spectrum

Barcelona Freedom to Travel

Ultramundane Arts Council of GB

Film Europe Titles Sequence

Autumn Launch GMTV

Ericsson CeBit 1999 Imagination

Ford Philadelphia Show Inserts Imagination


“Westminster Abbey” 25 minute film for the Abbey - Offline/ Online, DVD Authoring.

“Winston Churchill’s Funeral - Offline/ Online, DVD Authoring.

“Russian 20th Century Arts Video” – Hayward gallery. Offline/ Online, DVD Authoring.

“Anchoring” – 30 min environmental film. Offline / Online. Videotel.

“Marine Pollution 6” - 30 min environmental film. Offline / Online. Videotel.

“Managing Transition” – 15 Min. Department for Education and Skills. Offline and Online.

“Stroke Victims” - 10 minute medical film. Producer: Caroline Jackson. World Television.

“Bucharest Club Kids” - 4minute film for Global Underground Ltd. Director: Dom Phillips. Global Underground Ltd

DIRECTING  and producing



Trader Media Group, Lloyds Bank, Aga, Triumph Motorcycles, Dorchester Collection, T Clarke, Nat West, Barclays, Ford of America, Ford of Europe, Vauxhall, Volvo, MG Cars, Coca Cola, Pepsi, Pizza Hut, Caterpillar, Credit Suisse, Standard Chartered, Ericsson, Burberry, British Airways, At&T, Tesco, Land Rover, Jaguar, Comme Des Garcons, Hong Kong MTR, English Cricket Board, Sunday Express, News of the World, Addidas, Renault F1, IBM, Haymarket Publishing, PetroCanada, DFES, DTI, MTV, 4 MUSIC, Symantec, COI, Bank of China Hong Kong, King of Saudi Arabia, Hewlett Packard, Kennel Club, Autocar, What Car, FHM, SKY Broadcasting, EMI Classics, Bridgestone, Mencap, Hacette, Ninja Tune, China Telecom, New London Orchestra, Eco Bank, NFU, The Box, Turner Commercial Productions, Last FM, Churches Chicken, Global Underground, Schools Fund Trust, Aeroflot, Spies Hecker, Hayward Gallery, Hospital Records, Korea Telecom, J-Com Japan, China Putien, Wallice, International Tax Academy, Museum of Modern Art Baltimore, Kettles Yard, Kiss FM, Videotel, Oxi Clean, Addiction, Instant Teamwork, Xantus, The Audio Club

Broadcast Television

BBC Booker Prize, BBC Horizon Einsteins Theory, C5 The FBI Files, BBC Diana in her own Words, C4 Pig Business, BBC Worldwide, Television for the Environment, BBC 2 Kubricks Boxes, C4 Tate Gallery 3 Minute Wonders, MTV Turned on Europe, C4 Fortean TV, ZDF The George Blake Story, ZDF The Profumo Affair, Sky HD Lutz Becker Vita Futurista, C5 James Hewitt under Hypnosis, C5 Arctic Monkeys and the Sheffield music scene, Vertu for ETV, MTV All About Prince, BBC2 20 Tales of the Radiation Age Paul Yule, Channel Vision 45 x 30 Minutes, ITV Good Morning Terry and Gabby UMTV, ITV Paul O'Grady Show, C5 The Right Stuff, C4 Big Chill 04 and 05

Short Films

Midnight Hotel Lighting, The Red Box, Colin Brumby, Kung Fu Ruckus Dance for your Daddy Donal MacIntyre, Shakespere's Romeo and Juliette, BFI Moving Image Madness, Ouvrez Ici, Zoo-time, Fast Religion, Peter

Concert Films

Raconteurs, Kaiser Chiefs, The Verve, Stereophonics, Alabama 3, Snow Patrol, Cinematic Orchestra, Buzzcocks, MC5, Goldfrapp, Muse, The Fratellis, Maximo Park, Kate Nash, Razorlight, Ash, The Klaxons, The Kooks, CSS, Jolene and the Jing Jang Jong, The Macabees, The Rumble Strips, Acid Temples Mother, Live at the Marquee

Music Videos

Kee Marcello, King of Trolls, Iggy Pop, Westlife, Fightstar, Gwen Stefani, D-Mob, Eurhythmics, Li'l Louis, Bananarama, Swing Out Sister, Then Jerico, Wang Chung, Brian Ferry, Will Young, Robbie Williams, Fine Young Cannibals, Michael Ball, Elaine Page, Daniel Beddingfield

Feature Film and Documentaries

Shaolin Warrior 16 x Traing DVD's, Simon Drake Secret Cabaret, Sandy Leiberson Swastika, Yesteryear Westminster Abbey, Winston Churchill’s Funeral, The Earl's Machine, Amy and Mitch Winehouse, Captain for JJ Stereo, Nuremburg in History for Inner Temple, Jane Prophet Model Landscapes, Money Laundering regulations for Lawyers


Pepsi Amr Diab, Addiction, Sway, Party Capital, Oxiclean.

Television Station Promotionals for:

Vintage TV Launch, Next Generation Broadcasting Launch, BskyB, UK Gold

Museum Work

MORI Museum of Modern Art Japan, University of the Arts Textile Films, Hayward Gallery, Museum of Modern Art Kiev.

Screenings at ICA, Tate Britain, Tate Modern, Museum of Modern Art New York, Melbourne film Festival.



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Email: marekbudzynski@hotmail.com


c/o The Popular Society
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